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MATERIALBYPRODUCT – CLOVER – LOOK 4Established in 2003 by Designer & Artisan Susan Dimasi, MATERIALBYPRODUCT (MBP) is a Luxury Goods House with an iconic language that occupies a unique position at the nexus of fashion, art, design and culture. Highly sought after, envied and even copied, MBP has compiled an impressive inventory of collaborations, commissions and exhibitions that have cultivated a cult like following of cultural influencers and engaged patrons of fashion. We encourage you to join our social media community and discover more about our Enactment Series, seasonal product releases and to become a patron. Garment credits: Weekend Bolero; metallic screen print silk/cotton voile, black & silver. Weekend Scarf; metallic screen print silk/cotton voile, large 112cmx98cm, silver. Product codes: CLV.WE.B.SC.V CLV.WE.SC.SC.V-L Register for more information:

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